LIBUSOFT Ltd (founded in 1993.) and CICOM Ltd (founded in 1992.) have together started the company LIBUSOFT CICOM Ltd in 1997. New company has continued to advance the successful business that has been established by its mother firms. The LC group also comprises companies: MICRONET Ltd. Split and DOBRA RJEŠENJA Ltd Split.

Company has over 130 employees – amongst them economists, software engineers, licensed accountants, programmers, technicians, system administrators and certified consultants.
Primary activities of LIBUSOFT CICOM (LC for short) are development, sale and support for accounting applications for five groups of users:

  • local self-goverment units
  • budget users
  • utility companies
  • property management companies
  • small and medium businesses

During 27 years of the company’s development, LC has created great number of application that together make SPI® – SUSTAV POSLOVNIH INFORMACIJA (Business Information System) which is a copyrighted product of LIBUSOFT CICOM Ltd In addition, we offer software solutions and consulting services that are the result of years of learning and experience. We offer our customers assistance in managing real estate, managing finances, organizing process in local government (FMC), the effective collection of debts, the implementation of public procurement and consulting workshops for the interpretation of new regulations.


  • we continuously follow the legislative and upgrade our applications in accordance with relevant changes in laws, then distribute the upgrades to our users as new versions of the programs with no extra cost
  • we provide support to our users via e-mail, telephone, remote connection and training for our applications
  • we also provide system and technical support – sale of hardware components and computers, installation of software, system analysis, network installation and maintenance

Full range of our activities offers full service to our customers – we provide them with tools that make their job easier, knowledge how to use those tools and support for resolving any issues that might arise.

The aim of our company is also to be available for our customers at all times, so we have a main office in Zagreb, and we have four regional offices – LC Slavonija in Osijek, LC Istra in Novigrad, LC Primorje in Rijeka and LC Dalmacija in Split.


  • SPI® as a package can be divided into four groups (or systems) of applications:
  • IPR (Integralno Proračunsko Računovodstvo) – system for budget accounting (for local self-government units and organisations that are being financed from local or national budget)
  • KOMIS (Komunalno-informacijski sustav) – system for billing and collection of communal taxation
  • USZ (Upravljanje Stambenim Zgradama) – system for property management
  • PA (Poslovne Aplikacije) – system of applications for financial accounting


Altogether, over 900 organizations use SPI® applications or LC’s services, and we also have users of our system and technical support, as well as users of our consulting services. Regarding budget accounting (IPR), we are the leading provider of this type of software in Croatia since our system IPR is used in 8 counties, in 88 cities, over 160 communes and well over 350 organizations that are obligated to keep budget accounting.

Also, our USZ is most widespread systems amongst property manager companies as over 47 of them use our software.


With numerous certifications and competitions in fields of application development we follow highest technological practice and standards.
Some of our achievements are:

    ISO 9001, ISO 27001, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Numerous certificates in JAVA, Data platform, MS SQL, BI…

We develop applications using following technologies:

  • Microsoft Windows forms C#.NET (.NET Framework 4.6, Java, Hibernate, T-SQL…)
  • Responsive single page applications (Angular, Typescript, HTML, CSS, Java Hibernate, T-SQL…)
  • AWS cloud scalable/highly available web applications (S3, Lambda, API Gateway, CloudFront, , ALB, EC2…)
  • BI solutions (Power BI, ETL, DWH, Tableau)
  • Pocket PC (compact framework C#)
  • SOAP i REST web services

Databases we use according to need of specific project like:

  • MS SQL Server 2012
  • AWS DynamoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • O2
  • SQLCE database

Reports in our applications are made in technologies:

  • MS Reporting Services
  • JasperReports


For customer relations management we use our own solution called EVOK. It contains all our business contacts and with it we keep track of all incoming customer demands, their resolution, issue work orders to employees, manage implementation of our products with new customers and create business intelligence reports. In short, it’s a complete CRM solution perfectly suited for our company since it has evolved with our needs.


Aside from providing new users with initial training, we organize a yearly conference in Zagreb for all of our customers where we recap the progress made in the past year and introduce new projects or finished applications. During the conference we also organize several lectures with subjects relevant to our users (in example, new laws) and workshops for advanced training for our applications. Whenever possible, we organize this type of seminars and workgroups but on a smaller scale and only for the users from a certain region. Usually, we organize at least 2-3 of these regional seminars a year.